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Health Center admissions.

El Castillo offers two ways to gain access to our continuum of health care.

Life Plan residents

Those who have been living at El Castillo in an Independent apartment are guaranteed access to our on-site health services as part of their Life Plan agreement. Residents receive higher levels of care without significant increases in cost.

Potential tax benefits

IRS rulings have established that a portion of monthly Life Plan (formerly LifeCare) service fees are deductible as prepaid medical expense. These health care tax deductions are only available through Life Plan Communities such as El Castillo. As always, you should discuss your individual tax situation with your personal tax advisor. In addition, you do not pay State of New Mexico gross receipts tax on El Castillo services.

Associate Residents

People who do not have a Life Plan agreement with El Castillo are known as Associate Residents. These residents pay a monthly fee and are directly admitted to Assisted Living, Nursing Care or Memory Care from their private home or another residence.

There is no entrance fee for Associate Residents.

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