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What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Community or Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a planned retirement community for seniors who want to live a robust and fulfilling retirement, with the peace of mind of guaranteed, on-site health services, if ever needed. El Castillo is a full service CCRC that offers a long-term contract that provides independent living and a continuum of care, including assisted living, nursing services, memory care and emergency assistance, all on one campus.

What do I get as an El Castillo resident?

In exchange for a one-time LifeCare entrance fee and monthly fees, residents will secure a comfortable apartment home, access to all the community’s services and amenities and guaranteed access to a continuum of on-site health services, if ever needed, for life.

What is the age requirement?

The minimum age to move into El Castillo is 65.

What if my health needs change after moving into El Castillo?

The purpose of a Life Plan Community is to give you options and security. As your needs change, we will work closely with you, your physician, and family members to provide services and make accommodations, or to assist you in transitioning to a higher level of care, if needed.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes. We have a list of people who do not yet meet our age requirements, and people who aren’t quite ready to move in. There is a fee for joining the waiting list and complete details are available from our marketing and sales consultant.

How far in advance should I plan to move to El Castillo?

Many of our residents tell us, “I wish I had done this sooner!” The best time to make these vital decisions about your future is when you’re independent and healthy. When you join us at El Castillo, you benefit from our amazing array of activities and amenities, and you have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a comfortable home for the rest of your life, surrounded by a community of friends.

Are there tax advantages for El Castillo Residents?

There may be tax advantages for El Castillo residents as several IRS rulings have established that a portion of a LifeCare community monthly service fees are deductible as a prepaid medical expense. These health care tax deductions are only available through LifeCare communities such as El Castillo. As always, you should discuss your individual tax situation with your personal tax advisor. In addition, as a LifeCare resident, you do not pay State of New Mexico gross receipts tax on El Castillo services.

What is an “Associate Resident?”

When space is available, we welcome Associate Residents (residents of the community-at-large) into our Assisted Living and Nursing Care units. They do not pay an entrance fee, but they do pay monthly fees comparable to those charged at other Santa Fe facilities for the same services. In addition, they do not pay State of New Mexico gross receipts tax on these services.

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